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“As an artist, I strive to be enchanting in my storytelling, painting narratives that captivate hearts and transport viewers to realms of emotion and wonder.”


There was a girl with a cheerful and optimistic personality who embraced life with a unique approach. The girl, to discover herself goes on a journey. On the journey to protect herself, she creates a shield in the form of a universe around herself where she finds happiness in her alter ego. She goes through numerous phases of the moon's cycle during her drip. A crescent at the beginning and a full moon by the end. However, during her journey, a realisation dawns upon her. She understands that living behind these self-made walls isn't the way to be herself and who she is. With newfound clarity, she decides to break free from her self-imposed barriers and embrace her true self in the world around her. This marks a new chapter in her life, where her journey continues, and she learns that personal growth is an ongoing process.

After the moon's cycle, a young man's life takes an unexpected turn. The young man lives a life guided by strict schedules and expectations set by others. He's content to follow this predetermined path, moving through life with minimal deviation. One day, a sense of dissatisfaction grows, and he notices symbols and signs around him. The sun, symbolising light, and stepping into it, catches his attention. This newfound awareness triggers a journey of self-discovery for the young man as he decides to break free from the constraints of his pre-planned life and explore his own path. This marks the beginning of his unique adventure, leading him to embrace his true self, just as the girl did before him. As we watch the journeys of our two young heroes unfold through this heartfelt story, we'll see the beauty of embracing authenticity.

"The gem cannot be polished without friction, no man perfected without trials." - Confucius

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