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“In my artistic journey, I strive to be proficient, seamlessly merging cultural richness with storytelling precision, creating an immersive experience that transcends boundaries and resonates with the soul.”

About Me

Salam! I'm Rafia Baig, a Miniature Painting artist drawing inspiration from Oriental culture. Through my art, I preserve traditions, fostering emotional connections and sharing uplifting messages. Blending Oriental techniques, I illuminate cultural roots, inspiring appreciation for our artistic heritage. My work tells positive stories, exploring self-discovery and personal evolution symbolized by the moon's phases. The sun represents courage, embracing challenges. Join me on a transformative journey, inspiring wonder and deeper connections through art and cultural identity.

"Your journey is a tapestry woven with diverse phases."

Artist Bio

I'm an artist specializing in Miniature Painting, deeply inspired by Japanese culture. My artistic journey began in college, where I discovered the perfect fusion of my love for art and storytelling. Drawn to soft pastel tones, I hold a deep admiration for Persian Miniature Art's delicate brushwork and light colors, reminiscent of Oriental painting. My fascination with symbolism in mangas and manhwas enriches my work. My mission is to preserve traditional art and culture, fostering emotional connections and sharing positive messages. Through the blend of Eastern techniques with Miniature Painting, I aspire to uplift my cultural heritage, inspiring others to appreciate its profound richness.

Artist Statement

Through my art, I tell uplifting stories and aim to inspire viewers, using conceptual art to explore deeper meanings. Drawing inspiration from the changing phases of the moon, symbolizing personal growth, and the resilience of lotus flowers, encouraging perseverance. My paintings delve into self-discovery and personal growth through transformative journeys of central characters. The sun serves as a symbol of courage, embracing life's challenges. Believing in the transformative power of art, I look forward to honing my artistic style with the guidance of experienced mentors. Ultimately, my goal is to spark wonder and inspire those who engage with my work.


BFA Graduates Exhibition 2020 at Pakistan National Council of Arts - The New Odyssey

PLANTASIA - Exhibited Art Artcade at Marriot Hotel Islamabad in 2021

SPIF REFLECTIONS - Exhibied Artcade in Islamabad in 2023

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