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How I Chose My Storyline and Concept

Choosing a concept for your work can be tricky, especially in the long term. Start by asking yourself, “What do I love, and what do I enjoy creating?” Passion often leads to better results. For me, it all began with my love for manga. I decided to integrate this into my work by creating character-driven storylines and unfolding plotlines. What fascinated me most about mangas was Japan’s rich culture about leaving a soul in every object they use and more (After researching I also found out that it comes from Buddhism) and its use of symbolism like Kintsugi for example. So, I delved into researching symbolism from various cultures and incorporated it into my work. I find excitement in leaving hidden messages for viewers to discover in my work.
And just like that, I came closer and closer to what I wanted my work to be about. I hope this post helped you out! Another tip though is, that if you’re still unsure of where to start, explore your personal belongings; The things you like to collect maybe or what theme do they carry? I am sure they will have all the answers you might need for your work. Thank you for reading!

"Art is my quest, my endeavor, my wholehearted pursuit ! May you too find inspiration and passion in your creative journey."

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